Teacher:  Khenpo Orgyen
Tradition/Lineage: Nyingma
from Five Wisdom Buddhist College, Tibet.
(college founded by Khepo Jigme Phuntsog)
Topic/Theme: 14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana
Date of Talk: Year 2001
Date of Archive: 1st Jan, 2002
Language: Chinese Mandarin by Khenpo Orgyen
English by Sherab Wong
Media Format: WMA - Windows Media Audio
Contributors Note:


recorded at Ratnashri Dharma Centre Malaysia

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14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (Chinese) Part 01 19.27mins
14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (Chinese) Part 02 22mins
14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (Chinese) Part 03 32.21mins
14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (English) Part 01 18.11mins
14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (English) Part 02 17.34mins
14 Root Downfalls of Vajrayana (English) Part 03 18.57mins


1. To physically or verbally harm one's Vajra Master (Guru) or to entertain wrong views to him.

2. To oppose the teachings of the Buddha and go against the instructions given by the Guru.

3. To develop strong negative emotions (eg. anger) with other sentient beings, especially to the community of Vajra Bothers & Sisters.

4. To abandon the attitude and practice of Loving Kindness towards all sentient beings.

5. To go astray in one's clinging to sexual bliss and to abandon Bodhicitta (Thoughts of Enlightenment).

6. Abusing other traditions, lineage or religions with the motivation of gaining more respect of oneself.

7. To reveal Tantric secrets to those who are not spiritually mature which resulted in misunderstanding of the teachings.

8. To harm one's and others precious human body.

9. Having doubts regarding the Absolute Truth - incomplete understanding of the meaning of Madhyamaka (Middle Way) and clinging to mere emptiness view.

10. Unwilling to save sentient beings although one has the ability to do so - to refrain from forceful activity when needed so as to overcome destructive influences due to negative energies.

11. Doubts regarding the meaning of suchness - this refers to individuals who are unable to comprehend the true nature of all phenomena and merely conceptualize on the nature of phenomena.

12. To annoy other sentient beings - irritating other beings out of self concerns, especially to distract the Dharma practitioners.

13. Unwilling to accept the necessary and appropriate practices (such as drinking the Nectar) as when they are required.

14. To abuse women or regard them as inferior - within the Vajrayana, women are considered to be the embodiment of wisdom.

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