A brief biography & introduction of
The 8th Jamme Choesin Rinpoche.
Rinpoche is the emanation
of Avalokiteshvara.

Photo taken in Ratnashri on 23/04/00
E Ma Ho
In the expanse of space
Profound, peaceful and free of elaboration,
Thousand rays of utterly pure compassion
Appeared in all of the worlds as god of gods,
To the supreme wonder AVALOKITESHVARA,
I pay homage
Excerpts from Crystalline Lapis of births
The 8th Jamme Choesin Tulku is the emanation of AVALOKITESHVARA as mentioned in the text written by Mipham Jamphel Pawo and the 5th Dokhampa Tulku, Khamtrul Rinpoche.

In the past he has manifested as the Yogin Tilopa, Seban Repa, Humkara and the great being Dondrub Wangchuk. He appeared in the form of Bodhisattva Karma Dugthog and attended to Khampa Kharma Tenphel. He attained great accomplishment and realisation. 

To fulfill the prophecy and command given to him, he went to Nangchen, East Tibet to benefit beings. There, the  King of Nangchen took him as his guru and provided him with land to build the monastery, Sa Dangpo Jamme Gon. He became well known as Jamme Choesin.

Following that, he has appeared to benefit beings in the following incarnations ;

2nd - Mipham Tenpa’I Gyaltshan.
3rd - Padkar Drub Gyu Tendzin.
4th - Mipham Kuntu Zangpo.
5th - Ngawang Chokyi Gyatso.
6th - Chokyi Senge.
7th - Kunzang Chokyi Senge.

The 8th and current Jamme Choesin Tulku was born in 1939 in Nangchen, Eastern Tibet. On the day of his birth, a white rainbow appeared across the sky during the night hours and was witnessed by members of the community. During the growing up years, Rinpoche behaved differently from other children of his age.  Most of the time, he will dressed himself up in garments of red and yellow and will act like a monk conducting a religious ceremony. It was at this period, His Eminence the 8thDrukpa Cheogen Rinpoche recognised the child to be the reincarnation of a previous Lama. This was authenticated by His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa who named him Karma Tendzin Thrinley Kunkhyab. At the age of 7, Rinpoche was ceremonially enthroned as the 8th Jamme Choesin Tulku witnessed by High Lamas and Tulkus. 

(founded 700 hundred years ago)
Jamme-Gon Thekchen Ling Monastery
Town-Kyechu, Country-Nangchen,
District: Yuhru, Chinghai P.R.C. China
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Thereafter, he received vast empowerments, reading transmissions, and profound instruction form many teachers. He was exceptionally intelligent. He could recite and memorise 10 pages of the Buddha texts in one day. From then on, he acquired the sixth sense of knowing his past and also events of the future. In 1960, during the Chinese Cultural revolution, Rinpoche was compelled to stay in jail even though he was not guilty of any wrong doings. For 22 years he had to use his mind to practise  because it was an offence  to recite or perform any religious ceremony at that time.

Following his release, he continued taking Bodhisattva Vows and obtained further empowerments and reading transmissions from His Eminence the  Tai Situ Rinpoche, His Eminence the 8thAdeu  Rinpoche and also from various all traditions Lamas. Rinpoche has further stayed in retreat  for five years, seriously contemplating and practising the Buddhist scriptures. Now that he has such extensive experience in his practice and understanding  of the Buddhist Scriptures, he is able to assist beings. He would like to carry forward the tradition of enlightenment through rebuilding the Jamme Gon Namgyal Monastery (please refer to monastery history)  and to make sure  that  the ( 13 ) yogins and Sangha members are able to continue their retreat and practice in the monastery without any interruption.

The above information is provided by Venerable Jamme Choesing Tulku himself when Rinpoche visited the Karma Kagyu Centre in Klang (Malaysia) and being recorded by Mr. Douglas Leong.

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