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The Drikung Dzogchen Community of Arizona was created in Tucson by the Ven. Ontul Rinpoche during Shitro and Yangzab empowerments and teachings that took place during 2000 and 2001. A group of students has been regularly practicing under Rinpoche's guidance, focusing on the Yangzab cycle and learning about Rimey style Buddhism. Ontul Rinpoche appointed Lewis Humphreys as coordinator of DDC Arizona in September 2003, and he remains the local point of contact. There is a growing Sangha of devoted Vajrayana students who meet regularly to practice and share thoughts regarding their experience of the Dharma and wonder at the countless blessings bestowed by these precious teachings. We are currently receiving instruction from Ontul Rinpoche (Ontul means elder bro) and Chung Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche (Chung means younger bro).

Our weekly meeting often begins with a brief teaching led by Cliff Leftwich of Dharmakirti College, followed by 'Nine Round Breath', and 'Om Ah Hung' purification practice. We then formally practice one of the Sadhana's for which the group has received an empowerment and instruction. We have a warm and collegial group who welcome interested students.
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3rd Chung Thubten Thrinley Nyingpo RinpocheTibetan Buddhist Teachings & Empowerments
by Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche 

An ongoing series of teachings, presented by the Drikung Dzogchen Community of Arizona and Dharmakirti College

From the Yangzab Terma Dharma Collections
Chenrezig Empowerment & Teachings: the Outer, Inner and Secret Chenrezig Practice plus Teachings on Chenrezig Death Ritual to Liberate the Deceased in the Bardo 
From the Nuden Dorje Dharma Collections
Rainbow Body Chöd: Empowerment & Retreat 

Guide to the Fortunate: Empowerment " The Excellent Path of Benefit and Ease"

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The 3rd Chung Ögyen Dorje Chönyi Thundrub
also known as Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche

At the request of Ontul Rinpoche, and other Drigung Kagyu Lama's, Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche, is coming to the US for his first visit. Our intention is to invite Rinpoche to return to Tucson for further teachings and guidance. 

Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche's incarnations can be traced back to the extraordinary Drigungpa Atsara Sale, who lived in 9th century Tibet. Atsara Sale was one of the heart sons of Guru Rinpoche. Revered as a great practitioner of Vajrakilaya, he was also a consort of Yeshe Tsogyal. 

4th Lho Bongtul, Orgyan Nuden DorjeThe first incarnation known as Thupten Nyingpo was the younger brother of two notable teachers: the great 19th century Drigung Treasure revealer Nuden Dorje; and the first Ontul Rinpoche. The first Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche became a great siddha, highly accomplished in the practices of Chöd and Vajrakilaya. Students of the Drigung lineage should note that the present Thupten Nyingpo's previous incarnation was one of the root teachers of our beloved Garchen Rinpoche. During teachings in Rochester a few days ago, HE Garchen Rinpoche showed great respect for Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche and said that he had received teachings from his previous incarnation, including the empowerment HE Garchen Rinpoche was giving that day.

Thupten Nyingpo Rinpoche, together with H.E. Bongtul Tendzin Nyima Rinpoche, heads Lho Gar Monastary in Eastern Tibet. His teachers include H.H. Chetsang Rinpoche, H.E. Garchen Rinpoche, Ven. Ontul Rinpoche, Lamchen Gyalpo Rinpoche, and Drubwang Rinpoche. He also studied at the Payul (Nyingma) Shedra in South India. His activities for the future include creating a new Shedra at his Monastary as well as a school to care for and raise homeless orphans.

In whatever teaching or other activity he undertakes, he earnestly pursues hearing, reflecting, and meditation, never wasting a moment, always embodying the sacred intention of the Dharma. He presently continues to strive raising the Victory Banner, for the glory of the teachings and beings.

Group photo taken in Lungkar Gon in 94

Bongtül Lineage Tulkus. 
1. Lho Tshele Lhundrub 
2. Lho Drubchen Tendzin Zangpo 
3. Lho Tendzin Changchub Zangpo 
4. Lho Jedrung Ögyen Nüden Dorje 
5. Lho Jedrung Tendzin Gyalbu Nyugü 
6. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Drodül 
7. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Nyima (present in Lungkar Gön) 
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Ontül (Elder) Lineage Tulkus.
1. Onchen Kunzang Drodül 
2. Ontül Chöyang Rangdül
3. Ontül Tenzin Thrinle Rabgye Palzangpo (Present in Wogmin Tsopema) 

Chung (Younger) Lineage Tulkus. 
1. Chung Drubgyü Tendzin 
2. ??????? 
3. Chung Ögyen Dorje Chönyi Thundrub (Present in Lungkar Gon), also known as Thupten Nyingpo

Gyaltsab Lineage Tulkus (Chief Disciple). 
1. Gyaltsab Ögyen Tendzin 
2. Gyaltsab Kunchab Senge 
3. Gyaltsab Don-Ngak Tendzin (Present in Lungkar Gon)