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Ven. Ontül Rinpoche
Dharma Tour Worldwide
2002 - 2004
Chöd Empowerment & Transmission by Ontül Rinpoche during Year 2000 Snake Year Teachings in DKI Dehra Dun to 800 over Drigung Lineage Lamas
Date Dharma Centre Program Country
 Asia Dharma Tour 2002
29Apr - 12May, 2002 Ratnashri Centre, P. Jaya Selangor
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program Malaysia
13 - 19 May, 2002 Triyana Dharma Chakra Vihara, Taiping, Perak
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program Malaysia
22 - 26 May, 2002 Manjushri Vihara, Penang Download Malaysia
27 - 31 May, 2002 Kuching, Sarawak
(1st Year DDC Study Course)
Download Malaysia
01 - 06 Jun, 2002 Drikung Kagyu Charitable Society,  Johor Download Malaysia
07 - 16 Jun, 2002 Karma Choying Kunkyab Ling
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Download Singapore
European Dharma Tour 2002
30Aug-05 Sep, 2002 Lotus-See, Hamburg Program Germany
06-09 Sep, 2002 Drikung Tashi Jong, Wipperfürth Program Germany
10-12 Sep, 2002 Amitabha Foundation, Düsseldorf Program Germany
13-17 Sep, 2002 Drikung Nga Dän Chöling, Medelon Program Germany
19-26 Sep, 2002 Palden Dharma Tare Ling
(1st Year DDC Study Course)
Program Germany
27-29 Sep, 2002 Drikung Dharmakirti, Heuchelheim Program Germany
01-06 Oct, 2002 Drigung Gompa, Graz
(1st Year DDC Study Course)
Program Austria
11-22 Oct, 2002 Participating in  the Kalachakra Retreat Graz Austria
25-30 Oct, 2002 Changchub Ling, Slovenia Program Slovenia
India 2003
Mar - Apr, 2003 Wogmin Thubten Shedrupling Monastery Tsopema Rewalsar, Mandi, India DDC retreat India
American Dharma Tour 2003
12-16 Sep, 2003 Drikung Dzogchen Community - Arizona
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program USA
18-24 Sep, 2003 Baltimore, Maryland Program USA
25-29 Sep, 2003 Three Rivers Dharma Center Program USA
30 Sep-8 Oct, 2003 Drikung Dzogchen Community - Vermont
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program USA
9-14 Oct, 2003 Drikung Meditation Center Program USA
15-21 Oct, 2003 Drikung Dzogchen Community - New Jersey
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program USA
22-28 Oct, 2003 Lotus Lake Drikung Kagyu Center Program USA
29 Oct-4 Nov, 2003 Lotus Lake Drikung Dzogchen Community
(2nd Year DDC Study Course)
Program USA
5-12 Nov, 2003 Amitabha Foundation, Rochester, NY Program USA
13-18 Nov, 2003 New York City, NY Program USA
Asia Dharma Tour 2004
Mar, 2004 Lumbini, Nepal (tentative)
9 - 17 Oct, 2004 Ratnashri Buddhist Centre Malaysia Program Malaysia
18 Oct, 2004 Jamme Gon Thekchen Ling, Klang Malaysia
19 - 21 Oct, 2004 Penang Malaysia
22 - 26 Oct, 2004 Triyana Dharmachakra, Taiping Malaysia
27 - 30 Oct, 2004 Mahayana Centre, Kuala Terengganu Malaysia
31 Oct- 2 Nov, 2004 Drikung Kagyu Society, Johor Baru Malaysia
3 - 12 Nov, 2004 Singapore (3rd Year DDC Study Course) (tentative) Singapore
Europe Dharma Tour 2004
Nov - Dec 2004 Germany and other European Countries (tentative)


The Drigung Dzogchen Community

Dedicated to the impeccable perpetuation of the glorious Kagyu lineage and to the
success of its leaders and followers in accomplishing their commitment to
bring all sentient beings to the state of enlightened awareness.

May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the space, have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separated from the happiness which is free from sorrow.
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.