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A brief Introduction to
Lho Jedrung, Ögyen Nüden Dorje
also known as
Lho Böngtül, Changlo Mebar

Palden Drigung Kagyu
Glorious Drigung Kagyu

Top Row:  Right Guru Rinpoche
Centre Lord Ratnashri
Left Lama Gongdü
Second Row: Right - Chemchog Rölpah Heruka (Inner Yidam)
Left - Pema Tsukdü (Secret Yidam)
Third Row: Right - Önchen Künzang Drodül (Elder Bro)
Centre - Ogyen Nuden Dorje
Left Chung Drubgyü Tendzin (Younger Bro)
Fourth Row: Right Palden Lhamo (Protector)
Centre - Gyaltsab Ögyen Tendzin (Chief Disciple)
Left - Shri Chitipati (Protector)
Lowest Row: Right - Achi Chökyi Dölma (Protector)
Centre Mahakala (Protector)
Left Chökyong Tsui Marpo (Protector)

Om svasti.

The fourth in this line of incarnations was Lho Jedrung Orgyen Nüden Dorje. As the owner of the seven transmissions and a most learned and accomplished master, also in the Rimey style, of both the Kagyü and Nyingma traditions, it was during his time that this monastery developed into it greatest days. In former times, this master was the monk Akashagarbha who followed Buddha Shakyamuni. In the presence of the glorious Lord of Secrets (Vajrapani), he was the vidyadhara Drakden Chökyong, the first to request the Anuttara teachings of Secret Mantra. He had also been the vidyadhara Shri Singha, lord of the Dzogchen teachings; and in the Snowy Land of Tibet he was Nyatri Tsepo, the first Dharma king. At the feet of Gyalwang Padmakara, he was Nyang-Ben Tingdzin Sangpo. Among the family line of the Drugyal Kyura Dong, he had been Namkha Wangchuk, the first son of Achi. He had also been Dungtso Repa, the revealer of the Dzogchen teachings Yangti Nagpo, as well as Jnana Benza, the son of the great tertön Sangye Lingpa. In addition to having been Orgyen Leytro Lingpa, the crest ornament of an ocean of treasure revealers, he had incarnated in a succession of these and many other sublime learned and accomplished great masters.

Finally, in that life, he took birth in the tantric family line of Shotang descending from Dharma king Ratna Lingpa, an unbroken family line of accomplished yogis and masters of mantra. Born in the year of the Earth Bird of the fourteenth cycle, he became the disciple of many learned and accomplished masters: Drigung Kyabgön Tukje Nyima, Taklung Tsetrül Gelek Rabjam, Padma Ösel Do-Ngak Lingpa, Jamgön Kongtrül Padma Garwang, Upey Khechok Drubpey Wangpo, Nangchen Ngawang Tsok-Nyi, and numerous others.

From these masters he received and studied the Sutra and Tantra systems as well as the general topics of the sciences. Specifically he received all the existent profound instructions of his personal tradition, the Drigung Kagyü. Moreover, he also received the all the profound instructions of the nonsectarian Eight Chariots of the Practice Lineage including the Kadam, Shijey, Chö-yül, and the Jordruk teachings. In particular, he put great effort into receiving the Ngagyur Kama, the Oral Tradition of the Early Translations, the peaceful and wrathful Magical Net of the Mahayoga tantras, the Khatün Nakpo and Rutsön Marpo versions of Manjushri Yamantaka, the Rog and Rong traditions of Kilaya, the Shi-tro Narak Dongtruk traditions known as Padma Gyaden, the two Immaculate Tantras of Kriya and Charya, the Düpa Do empowerment of the complete nine vehicles, belonging to Anu Yoga, and the Mind, Space, and Instructions Sections of Ati Yoga. He also put great effort into receiving the secret treasuries of the profound terma teachings of several of the major undisputed incarnated treasure revealers including the Upper and Lower termas of Lord Nyang-Ral and Guru Chöwang, the termas of Gya Zhangtrom, Ratna Lingpa, Sangye Lingpa, Pema Lingpa, Minling, Jatsön Nyingpo, as well as Chokling (Chokgyur Lingpa) and Khyentse (Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo). As indicated by these transmissions he received, he became a depository of nonsectarian instructions.

Not letting it be enough simply to have received these teachings, he personally practiced the instructions, in entirety and without error, of the aspects of development and completion, means and liberation, each in accordance with its individual scriptures and directions. Having realized the common and extraordinary qualities of the paths and bhumis, he arrived at a high level of accomplishment. This is why Drigung Kyabgön Chökyi Lodrö, Tukje Nyima, Garchen Trinley Yongkyab, Traktung Barwey Dorje, and many other great beings, who themselves were abiding on the bhumis, venerated him as the lord of the family (root guru) at the crown of their heads. He also became one of the gurus of the great Dharma king of Gomdé Nangchen. Since both Jamgön masters - Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Jamgön Kongtrül - repeatedly extolled him as an authentic being, his fame spread everywhere throughout eastern and central Tibet.

Specifically, due to the timely awakening of the aspirations and entrusted mandates of both the Second Buddha Gyalwang Padmakara and Mahapandita Vimalamitra, he became someone who obtained an immense profound treasury endowed with the seven transmissions. They are mentioned like this:

The unbroken oral tradition from person to person,
The profound treasures themselves, and mind termas,
Rediscovered treasures, the termas of recollection,
Pure visions, and the hearing lineage;
The rivers of these seven transmissions
Will be immensely precious for the Buddhadharma in the dark age.
Profound and extensive, they will shine further than the light of the sun.

In accordance with this statement, the way in which he received these transmissions will be described below.

There are many special predictions in the termas foretelling this master as an authentic incarnated tertön. One of these is the Dojang Nyimey Nyingpo which says:

At that time the translator Tingdzin Sangpo,
On the slope of Lho-Da ridge in Domey,
Will be born from a family line of men and nonhumans,
Accompanied by three great wonders.
As a vidyadhara endowed with five marks,
He will possess the seven transmissions and attain accomplishment.

The Sealed Predictions from the Lama Gongdü cycle mention this:

An elephant-like yogi, with courageous discipline,
Possessing the strength of awareness, and a navel letter marked in his flesh,
Bearing the name Dorje, this yogi born in the bird year,
Will appear from the south in the year of the Iron Bird.

The White Silver Mirror, the predictions from Jatsön Nyingpo's terma on the Great Compassionate One, he is mentioned like this:

A sublime son of manifold awareness, with the name of A,
The heart essence, a buddha in human form,
Will sustain the remnant termas of Leytro Lingpa.

The Düsum Lungten Dorje Gyadü mentions:

In the earth element's year of the feathered bird,
A bearer of the name Dorje, with long braided hair,
In the form of a yogi, but endowed with the Vinaya discipline,
A heart son bodhisattva with great generosity,
His yogic conduct is that of a king,
His deeds uphold Shakyamuni's teachings,
His behavior maintain the tantric teachings.
If his karmic aspirations fully coincide,
His activity for the benefit of beings will greatly expand,
And he will take command over all the termas of the profound teachings.

The terma predictions of Guru Kyungdrag Dorje describe him in these words:

When invading armies pour into central Tibet and the time draws close for subjugating activity, at a place near Nabün Dzong in Dokham, the one named Dorje will hold the list of the profound termas.

1) Fulfilling these and many other of Padmasambhava's prophesies, in which he was repeatedly glorified, it was in the year of the Fire Pig, his thirty-fifth, in the Vajra Cave at Khandro Bumdzong, which is one of the 25 sacred places of Domey, that he revealed the Kadü Chenmo Tukdrub Dechen Nyingpo Gyü, the Tantra of the Essence of Great Bliss from the Heart Practice of the Grand Embodiment of Teachings, as well as the cycle of the major sadhana activities. The following year he revealed at Yegyal Namkha Dzö its cycle of minor activities. In the secret cave of Guru Rinpoche at Gyalsang Drölma Drak, he revealed the sadhana and activities for Zabdön Nyenpo Lhasum. From Karchen Namkha Drak he revealed the outer, inner and innermost teaching cycles of the Heart Essence of Vimalamitra. These comprise his earth termas, sa-ter.

2) The Tukdrub Tsasum Drakpo, the Tukdrub Yizhin Künjung, the teaching cycles of the Yabka Pema Gyalpo and the Yumka Pema Kandro, as well as the Lama Düdül Gyalpo, comprise his mind treasures, gongter.

3) The Kilaya teaching of Sangye Lingpa by the name Tukkyi Nyingpo was his rediscovered treasure, yangter.

4) The Lungtri belonging to the Lama Gongdü teachings was his recollected treasures, jedren.

5) His pure visions, dagnang, include the several profound instructions he received on the nine vidyadharas of the Kabgye, and which is known as Rigdzin Tsadrub.

6) The Magyü Kandro Damzab Chö-yül Jalü Kudrub and others comprise his cycle of hearing lineage, nyengyü.

7) His sky teachings, namchö, consist of the sadhana of Jowo Kasarpani which he wrote down from sign letters appearing in the sky.
Furthermore, at Nabün Dzong in Dokham, Kyungdrag Dzong, and various other terma places, he discovered a huge amount of sacred shrine objects and substances, as well as wealth termas and so forth. For these reasons he became famed as lord of an ocean of profound termas, the undisputed great treasure revealer Lho Jedrung Orgyen Nüden Dorje, also known as Lho Bongtül Changlo Mebar.
Lho Jedrung, Orgyen Nüden Dorje
Among his close disciples were his older brother, Önchen Künzang Drodül (previous incarnation of the present Ontül Rinpoche), who was an emanation of Khieu Chung Lotsawa (one of the twenty-five disciples of Guru Rinpoche), and his younger brother, Drubgyü Tendzin, who was an incarnation of Guru Rinpoche's heart son Acharya Pal-Yang, as well as Choktrül Trinley Gyamtso, an emanation of Rigdzin Gödemchen. This guru and his disciples rendered a great service to the precious teachings of scriptures and realization of nonsectarian lineages, headed by Kagyü and Nyingma, and acted in immense and eminent ways to promote the Buddhadharma through teaching, propagation, and personal application, as well as providing facilities for others to study and practice. To say this is not mere false and hollow praise. Rather, it can be understood even from the small amount of writings and biographies that are still in existence.

The fifth Lho Jedrung was Tendzin Gyalbu Nyugü. The sixth was Bongtül Tendzin Drodül, and the seventh supreme incarnation is at present alive and well in the Lho Lungkar Gön. The reincarnations of his two brothers mentioned above also continued to spread the Buddhadharma at this monastery by means of teaching, practice, and various spiritual activities.


Tulkus of Lho Lungkar Gönpa

Bongtül Lineage Tulkus.
1. Lho Tshele Lhundrub
2. Lho Drubchen Tendzin Zangpo
3. Lho Tendzin Changchub Zangpo
4. Lho Jedrung Ögyen Nüden Dorje
5. Lho Jedrung Tendzin Gyalbu Nyugü
6. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Drodül
7. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Nyima (present in Lungkar Gon)

Ontül (Elder) Lineage Tulkus.
1. Onchen Kunzang Drodül
2. Ontül Chöyang Rangdül
3. Ontül Tenzin Thrinle Rabgye Palzangpo (Present in Wogmin Tsopema)

Chung (Younger) Lineage Tulkus.
1. Chung Drubgyü Tendzin
2. ???????
3. Chung Ögyen Dorje Chönyi Thundrub (Present in Lungkar Gon)

Gyaltsab Lineage Tulkus (Chief Disciple).
1. Gyaltsab Ögyen Tendzin
2. Gyaltsab Kunchab Senge
3. Gyaltsab Don-Ngak Tendzin (Present in Lungkar Gon)

Dedicated to the impeccable perpetuation of the glorious Kagyu lineage and to the
success of its leaders and followers in accomplishing their commitment to
bring all sentient beings to the state of enlightened awareness.

May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the space, have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separated from the happiness which is free from sorrow.
May they rest in equanimity, free from attachment and aversion.