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8th Gar Namrol Rinpoche

8th Gar Namrol Rinpoche
Vajrayana:Drikung Kagyu

Brief Biography The 8th Gar Namrol Rinpoche was born in 1972 in Nangchen County, Kham Province. From an early age, he chose to live a tranquil and simple life. When Rinpoche was fifteen, he studies in the Five Wisdom Buddhist College (Sertha Shedra) under the supervision of Khenpo Jigme Phuntsog Rinpoche. Winter in Sichuan was extremely harsh, and despite of the cold winter, Rinpoche bundled up his blanket and slept without blanket for three consecutive years. The reason that Rinpoche chose to do so is to follow the spirit of great ascetic Milarepa. During his college years, on numerous nights Rinpoche studied under the dim light of a coal-fire. Through pure vision, Rinpoche saw a Buddhist College on the 4000-meter snowy mountain of Qinghai. This vision continued to appear especially during meditation and studying of Buddhist scriptures. In order to identify the visions Rinpoche draws the image so that he could consult with realized masters in future to determine the true meaning. Deep down in his heart, Rinpoche wanted so much to have such a school in the snowy highland so that the monks from poor families could further their studies.

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