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The Drigung Dzogchen Community
founded by Ontül Rinpoche

Utterly profound and ultimate essence of the Lord and Spiritual Master, Embodiment of omniscient primordial awareness, These extremely important oral teachings for the Lord, Prince Lhase, having been explicitly set down upon pages of six different jewels, Were hidden in the space–like treasury of the assembly hall at Tidro. Namchag Me'bar, Master of Pure Awareness, Took them from that treasury and set down thee inner meaning of the Dharma–cycle of the pages of white conch–shell By the One Named Padmasambhava, Empowered One of Vajradhara, As a rosary of explication of the vast and profound twin phases of the concealed and secret oral instructions of the Lotus–Born One.

In July 2001, the disciples wholeheartedly proposed to Ven. Drigung Ontül Rinpoche in setting up the first  DDC - Drigung Dzogchen Community in Malaysia . The group of devoted disciples drafted out the mission points on the importance of having the Community to support each another in the present and future. Rinpoche agreed to the proposal and thereon presided over it as the Chairman.

Drigung Dzogchen Gradual Study & Practice Courses.
First Year - Preliminary Foundational Practices (Ngondro)
Second Year - Deity Meditation (Yidam Hayagriva)
Third Year - Chöd (Cutting Through Ego)
Fourth Year - Dzogchen Essence Introduction (Nature of Clear Light Mind)
Fifth to Tenth Year: Course to be confirmed

For more info on yearly courses, please visit this page.. 

DDC comprises of small groups of students who share common interest pursuing the Path of Enlightenment following the Maha-Ati (Dzogpa Chenpo) system. It is commonly known as Dzogchen or Great Perfection and the unbroken lineage  is traced back to Samantabadra or Kuntuzangpo. This practice system flourished mainly due to the kindness of  Guru Rinpoche, well known as the Father of Buddhism in Tibet.


Drigung Ontül Rinpoche who worked tirelessly propagating the Dzogchen teachings around the world encourages students to form practice groups which offers support to each other. DDC sources of teachings are mainly from the Yangzab Terma and Bongtül Nüden Dorje Kabum. The revelers of these Dharma Tresures are masters who uphold the lineage of Drigung Kagyu. This is the reason to name it The Drigung Dzogchen Community. May the benefits prevail and continue to spread far & wide!

View the Appraisal & Congratulatory Letter from His Holiness Drigung Kaybgon Chetsang
Listen to His Holiness Drigung Kyabgon Chetsang's Message 


Communities Formed
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Selangor-Malaysia Jul 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Taiping-Malaysia Jul 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Johor-Malaysia Aug 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Singapore Aug 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Aachen-Germany Sep 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Staufenberg-Germany Sep 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Wien-Austria Oct 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Vermont-USA Nov 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Arizona-USA Nov 2001
Drigung Dzogchen Community, New Jersey-USA Jan 2002
Drigung Dzogchen Community, Sarawak-Malaysia Jun 2002
Please contact centres near you to join the 10 year study group.
More centres to be connected in the future.
In summary, the purpose of DDC Co-ordinators is as follows:

a. To co-ordinate future Yangzab Dharma Tour.
b. To arrange & supervise Texts Translation & Compilation activities.
c. To transcribe & edit all relevant teachings related to Yangzab Studies.
d. Setting up of Yangzab Fund for future Yangzab Dharma activities.
e. Co-ordinate with other Yangzab students world-wide.
f. Sharing of teaching resources with Yangzab students world-wide.
g. To archive all Yangzab study materials in the Wogmin Internet Web-site.
h. Organizing National & International Group Retreats and Workshops.
i. Standardizing Yangzab Study Courses around the world.
j. Progressing in practice on group basis and assisting each another.

Dedicated to the impeccable perpetuation of the glorious Kagyu lineage and to the
success of its leaders and followers in accomplishing their commitment to
bring all sentient beings to the state of enlightened awareness.

May all mother sentient beings, boundless as the space, have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be liberated from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they neve